Indian Growth Oil

Indian Growth Oil Natural Hair Treatment (2 oz)

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Indian Growth Oil is an all natural nourishing treatment for your hair & scalp! It helps combat hair thinning and leaves Bright and Shinny Hair in a completely Natural and Pure way. What sets us apart from the others is, the USP of our oil is made from natural , pure, exotic herbs to give your hair that texture and sheen. All you need to do is Gently massage our Oil into your hair and scalp. Keep the oil in your hair for a few hours or keep it overnight. After, rinse your hair with a natural shampoo and let hair dry.



Our entire formula is made from organic ingredients. A lot of other hair products are made with dangerous chemicals that can affect your hair, scalp, and even overall health. We are proud to say, our formula is organic and can provide the same benefits for your hair just like chemical and drug based products.


Indian Growth Oil’s Formula has been proven for complete scalp and hair restoration. Many of our ingredients have been used since ancient times for hair maintenance and beauty. Our formula is composed of a traditional indian formula for hair growth that has been improved for more rapid hair gain.


No buying risk! Return it and receive your money back if you don’t like the product! Customer satisfaction is very important to us! We always strive to take care of our customers and ensure they are happy with our products and our company.




Sanjay B.

A true miracle! My hair is back and better than ever! I don't know what I would of done if this product didn't exist. Thank you so much Indian Growth Oil from the bottom of my heart. You have yourself a forever customer.

Skyler Morales

What an amazing product! It's worked wonders for me! It's like a gift from the heavens! The results are just astonishing thank you for this amazing product

Ashley Vatt

An amazing company with lovely products. The whole team is so polite and respectfully. Their products are all top noch and premium.


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